Yamaha LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kits

HIDSRUS.com offers LED light bulbs for all makes and Yamahas. Your Yamaha can look the way it should with LED headlight bulbs straight from the supplier. HIDSRUS.com has the most complete LED color selection on the market. Installation your LED kit is a breeze, with simple plug and play functionality. Plus you'll have access to tons of helpful resources and tools, including installation guides to help you every step of the way! The lifetime of a Yamaha LED bulb out last that of a halogen bulb up to 1000% and requires less electricity. Check out all our other LED headlight products. All of our LED headlight bulb conversions have a warranty for two years, with an optional lifetime warranty at an affordable price. Sick of those yellow lights, change them to vivid LED headlight bulbs. Buying your Yamaha top of the line LED headlight bulbs from HIDSRUS.com is clearly the right choice.