Spyder HID Kits

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High powered HID headlights will give you Spyder the luxurious feel you always wanted. Help bring you Spyder into the new age with a sharper look with HID bulbs. Add bold color to your Spyder with HIDs at a price that you can afford. All of our HID bulbs have been tested and proven to work. HID bulbs will last longer and burn brighter than your stock Spyder bulbs. We carry HID bulbs for your Spyder. If the 2 year warranty is not enough, we also have a lifetime warranty at an affordable price. Check out our HIDSRUS.com reviews, know with confidence that you ordered high quality HID headlights that will last your Spyder years to come. HID headlight bulbs have come a long way, don’t miss out on getting you Spyder a set today.