Oldsmobile LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kits

Be seen with LED headlight bulbs for your Oldsmobile. If your Oldsmobile was not equipped with LED headlights, HIDSRUS.com has the conversion kit for you. HIDSRUS.com has the right LED conversion you are looking for in the color you want.Installation takes only a half hour and your Oldsmobile will look better than ever. Oldsmobile LED headlight bulbs are 30% brighter than the regular halogen bulb. Most Oldsmobile LED bulbs have a longer life than regular halogens by 15000 hours. Feel confident with your new LED light bulbs with a 2 year warranty. Changing your old halogen bulbs to LED light bulbs from HIDSRUS.com could not look any better. Purchase your Oldsmobile LED headlight bulbs from HIDSRUS.com today!