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It is now easier than ever to afford HID headlights for your KTM. Our HID bulbs for Hummer give it that added performance look, with increased safety. KTM HIDs from HIDSRUS.com come in a multitude of colors designed to provide you with a unique look. Installation your HID kit is a breeze, with simple plug and play functionality. Plus you'll have access to tons of helpful resources and tools, including installation guides to help you every step of the way! HID bulbs will allow you to feel safe on the road no matter the road conditions. HIDSRUS.com has the right HID bulb you are looking for. All KTM HIDs come with a free 2 year warranty! Changing your old halogen bulbs to HID bulbs from HIDSRUS.com could not look any better. HID headlights are a necessary upgrade for your KTM.