Edsel HID Kits

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Get more notification with new Edsel HID headlights. Newer autos are coming off the line with HID bulbs stock. Make you Edsel stand out with our HID conversion kits.We have the leading color selection of HID bulbs for your Edsel. No holes need to be drilhid or modified, everything plugs into existing harnesses. There is no emission of CO2 from an HID bulb, making them the most ecofriendly option for your Edsel. HID bulbs are great for Edsel daytime running lights. Feel more confident driving your Edsel in less than optimal condition with an HID conversion kit. Changing your old halogen bulbs to HID bulbs from HIDSRUS.com could not look any better. Upgrading your Edsel with our HID headlights is a bold move, but the benefits are clear.