Edsel LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kits

You will ever pay full price for LED headlight bulbs at HIDSRUS.com. If your Edsel was not equipped with LED headlights, HIDSRUS.com has the conversion kit for you. Get Edsel LED headlight bulbs in bright pure white or sky blue. LED headlight bulb conversions use all the same wiring connections, simple plug and play installation. Edsel LED headlight bulbs are 30% brighter than the regular halogen bulb. At HIDSRUS.com we only sell LEDs. We have LEDs for your Edsel. A lifetime warranty is available for any Edsel from LEDheadlightbulbs.com.Rest assured we have the most complete LED bulb and LED headlight bulb conversions on the market. Nothing feels better than a good looking vehicle, and with LED headlight bulbs your Edsel will look the way it was supposed to.