Citroen LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kits offers LED light bulbs for all makes and Citroens. Want the brightest Citroen on the road? Upgrade with an LED light bulbs today! Customize the color of light on your Citroen with LED headlight bulbs.With an LED light upgrade you will feel right at ease behind the wheel for your Citroen. LED bulbs for Citroen are small in size and require little power to operate compared standard bulbs. Most Citroen LED bulbs have a longer life than regular halogens by 15000 hours. We warranty our LEDs for 2 years just to give you a piece of mind, plus there is an optional lifetime warranty. Buying LED bulbs direct from the supplier allows us to pass the savings on to you.LED headlight bulbs are a necessary upgrade for your Citroen.