Cagiva HID Kits

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HID headlights have many advantages over filament bulbs, longer life, faster on/off times, lower power consumption and more vivid colors. Our HID bulbs are matched directly to your Cagiva so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong set. has a multitude of colors available, designed to provide you with a unique look for your Cagiva. Plug and play installation is as easy as it gets, it will only take about half an hour and your Cagiva is back on the road.HID bulbs for Cagiva are small in size and require little power to operate compared standard bulbs. Check out all our other hid headlight products. If the 2 year warranty is not enough, we also have a lifetime warranty at an affordable price. Looking for a high performance replacement for you Cagivas OEM bulbs? has what you are looking for. supplies HID conversion kits for any automotive on the market.