Buell LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kits

High powered LED headlight bulbs will give you Buell the luxurious feel you always wanted. At HIDSRUS.com we only sell LEDs. We carry LED headlight bulbs for every make and Buell. High quality LED bulbs will replace your dull boring factory high consumption bulbs. Those old yellow halogen bulbs are a thing of the past with an upgrade of LED Headlight bulb replacement conversions. Buell LED bulbs have a life expectancy of up to 45,000 hours, so you do not have to replace bulbs as often. LED bulbs from HIDSRUS.com have no filament so they will not burn out.Those yellowish halogen bulbs from your Buell need to go. Upgrade your Buell to the professional’s choice in LED light bulbs and bulbs. Buying LED bulbs direct from the supplier allows us to pass the savings on to you.HIDSRUS.com supplies LED light conversions for any automotive on the market.