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Be unique with customizable HID headlights for your Bimota from Help bring you Bimota into the new age with a sharper look with HID bulbs. No other site carries the color selection of for your Bimota.with a simple install you can have a great new look in under an hour. The light emitted by HID bulbs is brighter, clear and crisp compared to halogen lights. HID headlights are a non-filament bulb. Making them more durable and longer lasting. Each HID conversion kit comes with a two year warranty! We stand behind our product with great customer service and offer a lifetime warranty upgrade for your Bimota HID bulbs. Our HID bulbs are filhid with xenon gas making you Bimota much safer on the road. Upgrading your Bimota with our HID headlights is a bold move, but the benefits are clear.