9040 3K Replacement HID Bulbs Yellow

Yellow 9040 3K replacement HID bulbs

HID headlights have many advantages over filament bulbs, longer life, light output, lower power consumption and more vivid colors. We get our 9040 HID bulbs right from the supplier, thus passing the savings on to you. We have 9040 HIDs in the colors you want at the lowest price on the market. HID bulbs from HIDSRUS.com require no modification to install, plug and play. HID bulbs produce a higher output while consuming less electricity with a higher efficiency than halogen bulbs. At HIDSRUS.com we only sell HIDs and LEDs. We have Yellow 3K headlight bulb upgrades or replacements for any vehicle with 9040 headlights. Those yellowish halogen bulbs from any vehicle with headlight bulbs or fog light bulbs that use 9040 halogen bulbs need to go. Upgrade any vehicle with headlight bulbs or fog light bulbs that use 9040 to the professional’s choice in 3k HID bulbs and Golden Yellow 3K HID replacement bulbs. Be able to drive down any road at any time with bright HID replacement headlight bulbs for upgrading halogen bulb type 9040. Your search for the right 9040 HID headlights is over, HIDSRUS.com has what you need.

Price: $15.99 ea / $31.98 pair

3,000k 9040 bulbs

HIDSRUS HID Xenon Replacement bulbs available! With HID technology, not only are you improving the look of your vehicle, but also the overall safety. An HID Xenon bulb burns up to five times brighter than a standard halogen bulb, providing more luminosity and a wider array of light on the road. In addition, the lifetime of a HID Xenon bulb outlasts that of a halogen bulb up to 1000%, and requires less electricity to function.
When it comes to your car, the choice is clear.

HIDsRUS has a multitude of colors available, designed to provide you with a unique look for your ride. Our bulbs have been tested in the harshest conditions, and have out performed the competition. You'll be getting genuine HID xenon bulbs, no cheap imitation. Installation is a breeze, with simple plug and play functionality.

*Note: HID Xenon Replacement bulbs will only work with a pre-existing aftermarket HID Conversion Kit.

3000k 9040 Replacement HID bulbs