5202 HID Conversion Kits

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Be seen with HID headlights for your 5202. HID headlights conversion kits give your 5202 and fresh clean look with added safety. Have your 5202 stand out with the HID bulbs and color you want. HID bulbs from HIDSRUS.com require no modification to install, plug and play. Our HIDs use only a fraction of the power from your 5202 headlights, putting less stress on the electrical system. HID headlights are a non-filament bulb. Making them more durable and longer lasting. Feel more confident driving your 5202 in less than optimal condition with an HID conversion kit. HIDSRUS.com get HID bulbs right from the supplier and pass the savings on to you.When it comes to 5202 HID headlights, and 5202 HID bulbs, look no further than HIDSRUS.com.

Included in each 5202 HID Conversion Kit:

2 x 5202 HID Bulbs

2 x 5202 HID Ballasts

Quick-Snap® Wire Connectors

Mounting Hardware

Installation Guide

5202 35W CANBUS HID Kit

Sale Price: $99.99

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5202 35W Slim HID Kit

Sale Price: $57.99

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5202 55W HID Kit 5202 55w HID Kit installation instructions with step by step 5202 HID headlight conversion kit powering though the rain 5202 HID KIT installed compared to halogen bulbs 5202 Color guide for our HID KIT 5202 55w HID bulb

5202 55W HID Kit

Sale Price: $159.99

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5202 HID Kits

HIDSRUS Customer Experience: Since 2004, HIDSRUS has been a premier HID Kit distributor online with thousands of satisfied customers. Upgrading your factory halogen headlights have never been easier. We have been through many different style bulbs and ballasts over the years as the technology progresses. We currently offer some of the best components in the industry. All of our products are shipped from the USA with same day shipping if orders are placed before 1 PM PST. Unlike other vendors, we have a call center based in the United States and can answer any questions you may have about our products or if you need installation assistance. Customer service is our number one priority. Upgrade your headlights today to enhance your light output by up to five times that of a standard factory halogen bulb.

Two year warranty included with every product. We stand behind the products we sell. Every product comes with our HIDSRUS 2-year warranty free of charge. They will work, we guarantee it. HID's have been around long enough now that we as a supplier have seen it all. We have seen it all and can get your vehicle upgraded with little effort and no headaches. Simply remove your original headlight bulbs and install the bulbs and ballast with plug and play connectors for your original headlight harness that connected to your factory halogen bulb.

Ballast Comparison: Tier 1 35W Series - up to 3200 Lumens Startard robust design, a solid durable and great performing ballast. Tier 2 35W Slim Series - up to 3200 Lumens Compact Design great for installation on vehicles with little room behind the headlight. Great for Motorcycles and ATV's with little to no room to work with during installation. Tier 3 55W Series - up to 4200 Lumens Up to 30% then the 35W. Our highest level of performance and quality. This ballast is top of the line. Double can bus technology. German ASIC Chip and Error-free technology built into each ballast. They do not make a 55w ballast better than this. 35W vs 55w Our standard 35w ballasts are up to 3x brighter than your factory halogen bulbs. Our 55w ballasts are up to 30% brighter than the standard 35w. More wattage means more light output. Increased power means it has a higher electrical draw. We suggest adding a relay harness to our 55w HID Kits. This will supply power directly from the battery. CANBUS: Our 55w ballasts have a double canbus ballast feature. This is a canbus module inline on the input ballast wires that provides resistance and stabilizes the fluctuating power consumption. In some cases, this feature is needed if the vehicle has a canbus headlight system from the factory. It will not hurt or harm any vehicle that does not need or use this type of system and it will provide a very reliable ballast. This type of Canbus headlight system is used in most high end manufactures.

SHOP HIDSRUS Interior and exterier LED Products: We also offer high end LED products to upgrade your License Plate, fogs, Dome, Map, courtesy, trunk and glove compartment lighting. We have the perfect match to compliment your HIDs with a complete LED interior Kit! We offer you all the accessories that you need for your lighting upgrades!

HIDSRUS Color Kelvin temperature guide: 3000K - 3K - Yellow | Mostly used for fog lights. This color cuts through precipitation (fog) very well. 5000k - 5K - OEM Factory White | Our brightest color. 6000k - 6K - Aqua Blue | Our second brightest color and most popular. This is a mostly white color output with a baby blue hue to the outside of the beam pattern. 8000k - 8K - Deep Blue | This color grabs a lot of attention. It is mostly blue with just a slight white color output. 10000k - 10k - Violet Blue | As you go deeper in the blues you will gain color and loose light output. This is our deepest blue output. 12000K - 12K - Violet | Blue with a purple hue to the outside of the beam pattern.

RELAY OPTION: Our Relay supplies power directly from the battery. Our Relay harness uses the correct gauge wiring for the amp draw of the ballasts. This helps ignite the bulbs during cold startups as the ballasts pull a higher amp draw until the component reaches operating temperature. We consider this an upgrade and is not needed for installation on most applications.